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Sameeksha Developer is based on international level world calss well known famous residential township which is registered by state government and fully authentic. Its surface area is 110 Beeghas which is a wide field in itself. Its 45% area is nourishes with greenery, plantation which is very natural and alive. There is around 1200 plots in this township which are differing from 25×45 or 30×64 in size. It is located at the main road of 100 fts. Or in the township there builts strong road also which is 40 or 60 fts. In size.

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Sameeksha Developer is world class most renowned famous registered township for Bikaner citizens. This is providing & concentrating only on customer’s satisfaction. Its aim is only the giving the best efforts to their customers. According to the director of Shree Man Singh ji Naruka’s point of view that in our city there are only 20 to 25% residential townships we get the facilities. But in those kinds of projects an ordinary human being is not able to buy the plots & make their dream house. It’s just because his economic conditions are not allowed to go beyond from there dare necessities only. So Shree Man Singh ji’s view of point is each & every human being have the rights to raise their standard of living through developing residential township. Under observing of the followings points the c.e.o. of company gives a wonderful surprise gift to all the peoples which is under their budgets or financial levels. So that thing make their dreams come true. Sameeksha Developer is maintained with world class level facilities which contains. Zym, swimming pool, Basket ball court, open pictures hall, mediation hall, coffee house & so on tremendous wonderful facilities. This is providing all there facilities with in their economic level of all the peoples.All these following facilities will be started within three years hardly. Besides this Sameeksha Developer is located at Nal Public Airport which is not for away from city. It is giving so many benefits to peoples. Or at present there is only the jaisalmer road where the entire governmental project is running. This is the best effort for developing the city in all the perspective. On the way there are running so many projects like airport, dry port or around 100 or more solar plants are running efficiently. And so concentrating all these points Sameeksha developers targets to launch there residency to this location so people can get all these extra benefits. Sameeksha Developer is most fully well developed residential township which is according as per the international standards.

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